Platform Statement


Honor the Dignity, Ability, Responsibility of each Free Individual Citizen

Republican leadership responds effectively to the concerns of Easton citizens. We welcome all citizens to participate in town government, and we encourage openness, candor, and creative thinking among all individuals, boards and commissions. Hard-working and civic-minded citizens of divergent views are the strength of our party and our Town. Respectful dialogue and spirited debate are the Easton Republican way.

Preserve Easton’s Natural Beauty and Rural Character

Easton is an oasis of green surrounded by the commercial development of Fairfield County. Careful planning by Republican administrations has made great strides toward preserving this unique environment for generations to come. Republican leadership will continue to:

  • Develop effective and fair zoning regulations.
  • Preserve town land as open space with minimal local tax impact. Assure that all decisions have as their highest priority the long-term benefit of the Town.
  • Collaborate with local, state, and federal agencies, as well as private groups to support preservation and conservation.
  • Support the continued preservation of Easton’s rural character.
  • Strive for Educational Excellence

Easton Republicans are strong supporters of quality education. We believe Easton students are among the best and brightest in the world, and we want to prepare them to perform at world-class levels. Republican leaders seek to:

  • Maintain the highest quality curriculum.
  • Set ambitious academic goals and require accountability in achieving them.
  • Ensure that educational spending directly benefits students.
  • Pursue private and public funding opportunities.
  • Control the cost of administration and employee benefits.
  • Monitor school maintenance programs.
  • Value our Senior Citizens

Easton Republicans understand that senior citizens are essential members of our community. It is the wisdom of their leadership that has created the Easton we cherish today. We are resolved to:

  • Initiate programs to encourage senior citizens to remain in Easton.
  • Support flexible and innovative programs designed to assist those in financial or physical need.
  • Continue the senior tax relief program.
  • Support Town Recreation

Easton Republicans know that play and recreation is an important element in our community. We will:

  • Support recreation programs that achieve maximum benefit to the community.
  • Maintain the quality of our recreational facilities.
  • Safeguard the Town’s Financial Security

Easton Republicans advocate responsible management of the Town’s financial resources. Republican leadership seeks to:

  • Maintain the Town’s credit rating at the highest level.
  • Respect the taxpayer’s ability to fund expenditures.
  • Ensure that all fiscal decisions are financially responsible for the long and short term.
  • Provide citizens with timely, accurate budget information.
  • Address revenue needs of the town by ensuring open dialogue for ideas for low-impact, non-commercial development alternatives.
  • Adhere to a Strong Code of Ethics

We believe that ethical behavior constitutes the essential foundation of good government, and it is the cornerstone of Republican leadership. We strive to elect and appoint citizens of exemplary character to positions in town government. We appoint people to the Board of Ethics who are unbiased and are not members of Political Action Committees or active in partisan politics, in accordance to the Ethics ordinance. We demand accountability, responsibility, and integrity on all boards and commissions.