Easton's Republican Leaders

Elected & Appointed Town Officials

Board of Selectmen
(2 years elected)

Kristi Sogofsky

(2 years elected)

Christine Calvert

Easton Board of Education 
(6 years elected)

Randy Hicks

Jeff Parker

Alicia Young

Board of Ethics
(2 years appointed)

Vivian Hardison

Craig Sternberg

Zoning Board of Appeals
(6 years elected)

Victor George

Charles Lynch

James Wright

Board of Assessment Appeals
(6 years elected)

Adam Bonoff

John Miranda

Thomas Schick (Alt.)
Gayle Worthington (Alt.)

EMS Commission
(5 years appointed)

Thomas Bladek

James Spak

Area 9 Cable Council
(2 years appointed)

Douglas Dempsey

Commission for the Aging
(3 years appointed)

Melinda O'Brien

Diane Parker

Lisa Tasi
Jessica DiPietro (Alt. - U)

Solid Waste Commission
(5 years appointed)

Jeff Gombos

Town Clerk
(2 years elected)

Debbie Szegedi

(appointed to serve remainder of term)

Tax Collector
(2 years elected)

Krista Kot

Region 9 Board of Education
(4 years elected)

Todd Johnston

Kathy Thompson

Conservation Commission
(3 years appointed)

Dave Logie

Karen Niesyn 

Dori Wollen
Anthony Battaglia (Alt.)

Pension & Employee Benefits Commission
(4 years appointed)

David Bussolotta
Colin Cote

John Harrington

Steve Landa

Robert Sadowski

Insurance Commission
(3 years appointed)

Ronald Berry

Randy Hicks

Gerry O'Brien

Board of Police Commissioners
(3 years appointed)

Richard Colangelo

Vincent Battaglia

Senior Center Advisory Board
(3 years appointed)

Wendy Bowditch

Sally England

Mary Ann Freeman

Eunice Hanson

Agricultural Commission
(3 years appointed)

Jean Stetz-Puchalski

Jacob Conover (Alt.)

Registrar of Voters
(2 years elected)

Dori Wollen

Board of Finance
(6 years elected)

Andy Kachele

Michael Kot

Paul Skrtich

Library Board of Trustees
(6 years elected)

Adrienne Burke 

Shari Pearlman

Paul Wizda

Elizabeth Boyce (Alt.)

Planning & Zoning Commission
(5 years appointed)

Robert Maquat

Ray Martin

Alison Sternberg

Lou DiPietro (Alt.)
Ray Ganim (Alt.)

Easton Diversity & Inclusion Task Force
(3 years appointed)

Darrell Harris

Kevin Oliver

Board of Fire Commissioners
(5 years appointed)

Dave Buchanan

John Miranda

Jim Yeotsas

(2 years elected)

Anthony Farmer

Raymond Martin III

Chris Peritore

Darrin Silhavy

Parks & Recreation Commission
(3 years appointed)

Chris Barcello (U)

Kacey Gormley

David Gombos

Measurer of Wood
(1 year appointed)

Michael Sabia Sr

Easton Republican Town Committee Members

The Easton Republican Town Committee is made up of 30 members, elected to the committee every two years. In addition to the full members, the committee also has up to 10 associate members and can name emeritus members. The ERTC meets on the fourth Thursday of each month.

ERTC members are expected to attend meetings, serve on ERTC committees, participate in events and provide financial support to the organization.

ERTC Executive Board/Committee Chairs

Wendy Bowditch - Chair, Campaign Committee Chair
Lou DiPietro - Vice Chair, Nominating Committee Chair
John Allan - Treasurer
Lisa Tasi - Secretary
John Miranda - Parliamentarian
Anthony Possidento - Finance and Fundraising Committee Chair
Alicia Young - Communications Committee Chair

Darrell Harris - Voter Outreach Committee Chair
Jeff Parker - Bylaws Committee Chair

ERTC Membership Roll Call

Vincent Battaglia                                          Gerard O'Brien
Thomas Bladek                                            Davis Owen Sr.
Phill Doremus                                               Susan Ploss
Mary Ann C. Freeman                                  Michael Ring
Ray Ganim                                                   Kevin Rodrigue

Krista A. Kot                                                     Joseph B. Samon

Raymond J. Martin III                                   Kristi L. Sogofsky
Jamie Malaterra                                           Alison Sternberg   
Pranav Merchant                                         Deborah K. Szegedi

ASSOCIATE MEMBERS: Colin Cote, Patrick Duplessis, Nick Jhilal