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A Message from the Chairman

Easton Republicans are committed to Putting Easton First through authentic leadership, innovative ideas, unique knowledge, and respect for all. 

We are proud of our diverse Committee membership, our representatives, and our laser focus on local issues. 

To us, nothing is more important than Easton and its future.

In a critical election year, we will be fearless in promoting the issues that matter. We will bring the best candidates with the best ideas forward, and work in tireless partnership with anyone who shares in our mission and believes in local control.

Furthermore, we will not be distracted by lies or groundless accusations made about our party, our meetings, or our Committee members. Easton is and deserves better.

Together, we can do great things. If you want to help shape our future and put Easton first, please join us at our next monthly meeting in March. All registered Republicans are welcome, always.

We look forward to an exciting year ahead.

Yours truly,

Wendy Bowditch

ERTC Chair


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