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Monday Minute (1/24/2022)

This past week, the Board of Selectmen exercised the town's ability to opt out of three provisions of Public Act 21-29. This is the law passed and signed last year that deals with various affordable housing measures. The law includes three specific provisions that municipalities could choose to opt out of. Those provisions deal with parking requirements, temporary health structures and detached accessory apartments. The Planning & Zoning Commission reviewed the requirements in the context of our zoning regulations and

recommended that we, as a town, opt out of all three. You can read the commission's explanation in the minutes from January 10. The selectmen followed the recommendation in taking action. The town has now met the requirements and has opted out of those provisions.

Opting out of those provisions does not impact the requirement for the town to draft an affordable housing plan by June 30th. The Affordable Housing Committee has started its work to meet that deadline. A public information session is scheduled for February 10th at 6pm at SSES. The session will also be streamed live on Facebook but anyone wishing to participate will need to attend in person.

On the state level, the 2022 Legislative Session begins on February 9th. One of the first matters of business that our state senators and representatives will consider is an extension of the governor's emergency powers or providing legislative approval to 11 executive orders that are currently in place, including a statewide school mask mandate. If you have comments or concerns about either topic, contact State Senator Tony Hwang or State Representative Anne Hughes.

Congratulations to all the members of our community appointed or reappointed this month to serve on our town's boards and commissions. I truly appreciate your willingness to give your time and talents to our town. Thank you!

Kristi Sogofsky

Easton Board of Selectmen


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