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Monday Minute 2/13/23

Any person appointed or elected to a board or commission in this town is a public servant. By definition, that means you're in that position to serve the community. The ability to do that relies upon the public trusting you. If you no longer hold the public's trust, then how can you continue to serve?

This issue has been at the forefront the last few weeks regarding Planning & Zoning Commission Chair Ray Martin. I understand that multiple complaints have been filed with the Easton Board of Ethics, which is now investigating. I believe it's important for the board to be allowed to follow its process, which I trust will be done in a timely manner. The Board of Ethics exists for this reason: to administer the provisions of the Ethics Ordinance, which is intended to preserve the trust placed in the town's public servants. It provides a means to fairly assess actions and make recommendations.

While I have personal opinions on the matter, I will wait for the Board of Ethics to provide its conclusions to the Board of Selectmen.

Kristi Sogofsky

Easton Board of Selectmen


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