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New Republican Town Committee members elected for 2024-26 term

Easton Republicans nominated 29 members to the Easton Republican Town Committee for 2024-26 during their Jan. 11 caucus at the Easton Senior Center.

The new ERTC will take office on March 5 and includes nine new members among the 29. The ERTC can also name up to 10 associate members and also have emeritus members, and those can/will begin being named after March 5.

The first meeting of the new RTC group will be March 28 at the Easton Senior Center, and officers will be elected as the first order of business at that meeting. 

Following is the ERTC membership for 2024-26:

  • John Allan

  • David Antonez

  • Anthony Battaglia

  • Wendy Bowditch

  • Colin Cote

  • Lou DiPietro

  • Kristin Falzone

  • Darrelll Harris

  • Nick Jhilal

  • Krista Kot

  • Dan Lent

  • June Logie

  • Gerry Maloney

  • Anne Manusky

  • Gerry O’Brien

  • Joe Palmieri

  • Jeff Parker

  • Shari Pearlman

  • Susan Ploss

  • Anthony Possidento

  • Joe Samon

  • Kristi Sogofsky

  • Debbie Szegedi

  • Lisa Tasi

  • Genevieve Waterbury

  • Jim Waterbury

  • Taylor Westlund

  • Dori Wollen

  • Alicia Young


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