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Respect the Town Meeting

The Easton Republican Town Committee believes in balancing the needs of the town and the desire to preserve open space, while encouraging and supporting participation in our Town Meeting form of government.

We stand by the outcome of the special Town Meeting on May 31, 2022, where Easton directed its Board of Selectmen to place a conservation easement on the remaining town-owned portion of the South Park Avenue property.

There should be no further vote on the concept of a conservation easement. The only decision before Easton voters should be the final language of the conservation easement itself.

Easton’s elected officials must uphold the will of the town’s residents and complete the easement process set in motion by the vote at the special Town Meeting. Failure to do so would be disingenuous, a dereliction of duty and an affront to our form of government.

Respectfully signed,

Easton Republican Town Committee


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