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South Park Conservation Restriction passes with over 90 percent of vote

In a referendum vote held Tuesday, Dec. 13, the proposed language of the conservation restriction on the 18-22 South Park Avenue property passed with a vote of 804 yes to 87 no, a 90.2 percent yes vote.

Per the Board of Selectmen at their meeting on Dec. 15, the restriction doesn't seem to be subject to the "30 days after referendum" rule for enactment, so it will be in effect as soon as it is added to the land records, notarized, and signed off on by the First Selectman.

Thank you to the citizens of Easton who took the time to ensure the South Park property is now protected. This was a grassroots effort led by passionate people in our town after the Board of Selectmen decided to sell off a portion of the original parcel to the Aspetuck Land Trust without addressing the remainder of the acreage.

This is a win for the town and the grassroots citizen groups willing to do the work regardless of the pushback. Congratulations to those who attended the meetings and voted.


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