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Candidate Statement & Bio: Tony Scott for the 112th

Tony Scott from Monroe is seeking re-election for a second term in the State House of Representatives for the 112th District, which as of this election includes part of Easton as well as Monroe and Trumbull.

Learn more about Tony and his platform below, as also shared with the Easton Courier:

My name is Tony Scott and I am currently the State Representative representing the 112th District in Hartford. I have thoroughly enjoyed representing Monroe and Newtown the past 2 years and look forward to serving folks from Monroe, Easton and Trumbull in Hartford next term.

Due to redistricting, about half of Easton will be moved into the 112th District. The redistricting will not change where or when they vote, just potentially what House district they will be in and possibly who represents them specifically up in Hartford.

I have lived in Monroe for 15 years with my wife, Jenn, and have 13-year-old twin daughters that are in the 8th grade at Jockey Hollow Middle School. In my many years of service to the town of Monroe – on the Economic Development Commission, Chairman of Parks and Recreation Commission and Town Council – I have always strived to make the town better, not just now, but in the future. That will be my continued goal as State Representative.

I am proud of the accomplishments I have made thus far in my first term while serving on the Public Safety & Security, Human Services and Higher Education & Employee Advancement Committees. It should be the expectation that legislators show up in the Capitol to carry out the will of the people within the district and I take that solemn duty seriously. Since taking office, I have a 100% voting record, not missing a vote for any piece of legislation. I was also recognized by the Connecticut Business and Industry Association (CBIA) as having a 100% voting record supporting pro-business legislation, as well as preventing job-killing taxes and voting against harmful mandates.

The greatest issue facing the state of Connecticut today is the lack of affordability. That comes because of high taxes and out of control inflation. To make this state business friendly and keep families from moving out, we need to lower the cost of living and provide good paying jobs, and sadly with the current administration, that just has not been the case.

I recently signed the Contract with Connecticut ( which lays out the platforms that are important to me and for which I will be pushing legislation if re-elected.

There are 5 different pillars that have all come from talking with people in the district to understand their concerns.

AFFORDABILITY – Connecticut residents face tremendous financial pressure through the toxic combination of runaway inflation and decades of tax increases. The cost of living is untenable, and residents deserve robust tax relief that would include reducing middle class income tax rates, reducing gas taxes and eliminating the inflation driving truck tax that will further increase the costs of food, goods and services (supported and passed by Hartford Democrats).

PROTECTING OUR COMMUNITIES – We are now living in a time where criminals are put ahead of the rights and feelings of the victims. We need to strengthen the penalties for violent crimes and crack down on juveniles ransacking our neighborhoods – stealing or breaking into cars too many times. We need to provide support and tools to law enforcement to help keep our communities safe and currently the Police Accountability bill has done the opposite. We should remove the barriers police face when performing their duties, while ensuring that criminals are held responsible for their actions and that victims’ voices are again being heard and respected.

SUPPORTING PARENTAL RIGHTS – Parents are the first teachers for their children and they, not politicians and government bureaucrats, have the ultimate responsibility for their kids. Connecticut needs to ensure parents are front and center when it comes to decisions about their family’s education and healthcare. I wand to make sure their voice is heard in developing new government policies and decisions that will not place undue stress on families.

LOCAL CONTROL – Who better to decide what is best for our towns than the men and women who are locally elected to lead them? I’ll fight to protect local control in all areas of municipal governance, ensuring local property taxpayers have the loudest, most influential voice on issues that affect the very fabric of their community. We need to allow local elected leaders to make the best planning and zoning decisions for the town. I also will NOT support legislation that comes with a cost via an unfunded mandate from the State.

HONESTY IN GOVERNMENT – We need to increase transparency, accountability and adherence to strict ethical standards, including elimination of favoritism in the contracting process and increasing whistle-blower protections. After the criminal situation in West Haven, we should audit all state and municipal COVID related funds to guarantee those funds were allocated properly.

I have been humbled to be the voice of the 112th District the last 2 years, and on November 8, I ask for your support to be your voice in Hartford for the next two years.

To learn more, please visit Tony's CT House of Representatives site.


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