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Which State House District are you in now? Find out here

For the first time ever, Easton has two voting districts, the town being split between the 112th and 135th Districts for the State House or Representatives.

As of this coming term, western and northern parts of Easton remaining in the 135th share a district with Weston and Redding, while eastern and southern parts of town moving to the 112th share that district with Monroe and part of Trumbull.

While nothing changes about where you vote this year – all voting remains at Samuel Staples Elementary School, this year from 6am-8pm in the Cafetorium – there will be a change to the process.

Per registrar of voters Dori Wollen, there will be “ample instructions at the polls to direct you to the right place to cast your vote,” with the usual check-in tables divided into the two districts and a large map showing voting districts. You can also stop by the red ERTC tent outside for clarification before you enter SSES.

If you're unsure and would like to check your locale ahead of time to know where to go, you can see the streets located in each district below (note: some streets are in both districts, so make sure to note the numbers or odd/even listed).

Remember that every vote counts, so come out to SSES on Tuesday and make your voice heard!


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